Connect with customers with direct marketing campaign


One of the best ways to promote a product or business is through a direct marketing campaign.


“In short, what you are doing is reaching out to your current & prospective customers to tell them about new products, new items or a sale you have going on,” said Vijay Chetty, owner of Click & Clear direct marketing services in LA.


Businesses today harvest contact information from customers at the point of purchase. That’s a direct line to people who’ve already done business with a company. Since they have expressed an interest, remind them periodically, Mr. Chetty said.

“You have a relationship there. Maintain it. Let your customers know what’s going on,” he said. “If your company is not collecting emails from customers, then you are missing a golden opportunity.”

Identifying your potential customers and marketing directly to them is often more effective than broad campaigns that reach out to regions instead of specific people. Mr. Chetty called this a shotgun approach.


“You load up and shoot and hope you get something. It’s not very efficient. Direct marketing tailors your message to people who are actually interested in it,” he said. “It’s the difference between a shotgun and a laser. Direct marketing is precision.”

Another advantage of direct marketing is test campaigns. Mr. Chetty explained a business can invest just a little time and money in a direct marketing campaign. If that is well-received, it can be expanded to be a regional campaign. This helps attracts new customers with a proven offer.


Click & Clear specializes in direct marketing campaigns in the LA region.



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