Direct mail can bring in new business and increase return business when it is done right. Vijay Chetty, of Click & Clear marketing has five reasons why it works.


1) Direct mail can target an audience.

“You can saturate a neighborhood. You can identify other businesses that can be your customers and contact them,” Mr. Chetty said. “Direct mail is also targeted mail. You put your message into the hands of the people who want and need to see it.”


2) Gets into their hands.

Mail has to be handled. Someone is going to take the time to look at each piece of mail before deciding what to do with it. “People can skip over ads in publications and fast-forward through ads in videos,” Mr. Chetty said. “Mail has to be physically checked every time.”

3) Appeal to the senses

Because it has to be handled, direct mail can have more effect than any other form of marketing. Touch and sight are the biggest impacts. Color and feel matter. Direct mail can be customized in ways other marketing cannot be.


4) Effective

According to the Direct Mail Association, more than 60 percent of people reported making a buying decision because of direct mail. That’s an excellent return on investment. “Marketing is an investment. You have to see a return on investment or you need to change something,” Mr. Chetty said.


5) Part of a broad strategy

“Direct mail should be considered part of a broader marketing strategy,” Mr. Chetty said. “You need more than one way to attract customers. You have a website. You have a Facebook page. You have a sign and business cards. You need direct mail in that mix.”


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